The online barcoding site is now closed.

Seller activity is limited to the printing of labels and master sheets. No new entries will be saved.

Master Sheets - All sellers must bring a hard copy of their Master Sheets when they come to drop off their items, or their items will NOT be accepted.

Save Time Waiver – To expedite the check-in process, consider signing and bringing the Save Time Waiver (PDF Link) along with your Master Sheets to check-in.

Minimum Price - Please remember there is a minimum price policy of $1 on Friday and $0.75 on Saturday.

“Pick-up” or “Donate” - Please pay attention to the “Pick-up” or “Donate” indication on the labels. The difference between an item to be picked up or donated will be indicated by the presence or absence of a check mark in the appropriate field. If your printer does not print the check mark correctly, the item may be wrongly designated for donation!